Main sponsors of Gedling and Sherwood Cricket Club

As part of our sponsorship of Gedling and Sherwood CC, Hallmark Tapes designed and built the electronic scoreboard.

Technical Information

Each digit consists of a a single pcb onto which there are 196 high brightness, wide viewing angle LEDs.

Each segment consists of three strings of LEDs each driven by a constant current source which are in turn driven by a PWM source which allows the brightness to be adjusted.


Each number has its own PIC microcontroller to control the digits and is connected to a RS485 data bus. A propriety protocol is used and each number has a unique address so that it only responds to relevant data. The system is expandable so that up to 16 numbers could be used allowing for example extras, last man, bowler number, run rate, etc to be displayed.


The controller transmits data on the RS485 bus upon key presses and updates the LCD screen so that the operator can see the status of the scoreboard. The large red button is connected to a circular array of red LEDs that illuminate to provide an acknowledgment to the umpire.


The clock uses green LEDs. It takes the time signal from the National Physics Lab via a small receiver, decodes it and displays the current time in 24 hour format. It is also connected to the RS485 data bus so that the brightness is adjusted in unison with the rest of the scoreboard.

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