AT8H Hazard Warning Tape

AT8 Hazard is a low stretch PVC film coated with a white, cross-linked solvent based rubber-resin adhesive.

  • High level of adhesion and good abrasion resistance.
  • Will adhere long term to rough surfaces
  • Designed for marking out potentially hazardous areas, such as steps, stairwells, floors and walkways.
  • Low stretch PVC means it will not shrink back or lift once applied.
  • Available in 3 colourways to suit most conditions, either Red/White, Yellow/Black or Green/White diagonal stripes.
  • Black/Yellow: Warning indicator – Radioactive materials, width or height restrictions, moving equipment, obstructions, general danger
  • Red/White: Prohibition or Danger indicator such as No smoking, Fire fighting equipment, Flammable substances
  • Green/White: Safety and Escape indicator – Escape routes, Emergency exit, First Aid point, safe areas

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